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by MARK JABUSCH POSTSCRIPT – part 5 of 5 THEME: GOD’S GIFT OF SEASONS Twenty years came and went, feeling safe and remoteI left the keys in the ignition, banged the door,I belonged to the forest; silent life was mine,Limping slightly and stepping lightly over humus.The faithful oak had carried its mission,The saplings it spawned…


by MARK JABUSCH FALL – Part 4 of 5 THEME: GOD’S GIFT OF SEASONS Tamed to a dormant pace,The woodland hastened to hibernateSome trees simply shed leavesOthers drop acorns and pericarpReady to sleep, I craved their restBut humanity pushes forward,Sometimes with eyes closedLanguishing in the lightSome creatures bravely hopped, huntingFor a random seed or two,…


by MARK JABUSCH SUMMER – part 3 of 5 THEME: GOD’S GIFT OF SEASONS Where is this life from? I thoughtTrekking through the summer heat,It thrives in the Creator’s unseen handAnd, like me, reels from season to season,Swatting insects buzzing my faceNor sticky sweat chased me away,Dense loam cushioned my steps,It brought to mind the…

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