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by LYNN BROWNLEE Theme: PERSONAL GLIMPSES OF SURREY It was a beautiful sunny June day, during the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, and I was visiting families in apartment complexes throughout the inner city of Surrey.  The charity I work for, Metro Kids Society, offers programs to help families in disadvantaged neighborhoods.  My assignment was deliveringContinue reading “HOW BEAUTIFUL”


by NEIL BRAMBLE Theme: PERSONAL GLIMPSES OF SURREY By all indicators, the city of Surrey faces a bright and prosperous future. It will soon be British Columbia’s largest city, and possibly the most prosperous. Certainly, the Surrey Board of Trade sees it this way, and is actively working with government and business to realize aContinue reading “PURSUING A HIGHER STANDARD”


by SUMI KINOSHITA Theme: PERSONAL GLIMPSES OF SURREY Reading Valerie’s post on mailboxes, and seeing her pictures, reminded me of the mailbox that once stood on the road in front of the farm where I and my family once lived. The street was called Brown Road, but now it is called 32nd Ave. The mailboxContinue reading “OUR MAILBOX ON BROWN ROAD”

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